Lifetime Wealth Planning

Life & CashFlow Planning

Let me ask you a question: –

“How can we give you advice on what to do with your money if you haven’t told us what you want to do with your life?”

The only purpose of your money is to enable you to lead the life that you want – putting your money first would be a perfect example of the tail wagging the dog!

In Life Planning you are centre stage: you do the talking and we listen. We help you to ensure that all aspects of your life are in balance and we help you to ensure that you are living your life in accordance with your values. We help you to prepare your ‘bucket list’ but this is not just a box ticking exercise because we are all driven by our emotions and we ask you deep questions so that you get to the answers that matter.

CashFlow Planning

Knowing where your finances are today is just the start, on its own it is not enough because it’s knowing where they are going which is more important.

We do the opposite of most financial advisers: They usually focus on the here and now with only a cursory glance at where you are going. Instead we look at where you are going and where you want to go, and then work out what you have to do now to get there. This makes sense to most clients though our approach often comes to them as huge surprise. We believe that we have no right to talk about your money and give you advice until you have told us about you and what you want to do in the future.

We help you to look into your financial future using lifetime CashFlow forecasting software which helps you to see clearly where you are heading. It helps you answer important questions like: “When will I have enough to retire?” or, “Can I afford to retire early?” And if you are already retired: “How much can I spend and still have enough money for the rest of my life?” or, “How much can I give away without ever running out of money?”

Lifetime CashFlow forecasting is essential for you to achieve financial freedom and to provide you with financial peace of mind. In our meetings, we find that our clients are much more interested in ensuring that they can maintain (and improve) their current lifestyle than whether one fund is performing better than another: And while that is important too and we keep a close eye on your investments, our clients appreciate that we are good at that stuff and leave that to us. This leaves them to focus on what they want to do and living the life that they deserve.