Lifetime Wealth Planning

Estate Preservation Planning

Estate planning advice

Inheritance tax rules have changed a bit in recent years so it is important to understand their implications. It is all too easy to be unnecessarily caught out, so your family and other beneficiaries don’t receive what you hoped. We can help you with thorough and expert estate planning that takes into account all kinds of assets. We also provide inheritance tax planning advice.

Effective estate planning

It is natural that many of us want to leave our wealth to those who matter the most. Having a well-managed estate can save time and legal costs in the long term, help avoid a large tax bill, and cushion the blow for those you leave behind.

You may also need to consider later life planning. We can look at trusts as well as identify and minimise the tax liability on your estate, ensuring that the wealth you spent a lifetime building is there for you when you need it most and ultimately passes on to the people you want to have it.

Factors to consider in inheritance planning

It’s important to start with a clear picture of your goals. You may want your estate to provide ongoing income and security for dependents, to make bequests or to set up trusts. Everyone’s circumstances are different – planning can look at tax efficiency and maintaining access to income and capital. It can also include protection from irresponsible beneficiaries, or to provide for vulnerable or minor beneficiaries. We’ll help you assess and minimise any risk to your inherited assets, for example from divorce or bankruptcy.

Keep your tax and inheritance planning up to date

Inheritance tax rules, tax laws and family circumstances can change. All of this may have an impact on your estate planning. We can review your arrangements and advise on any changes that may need to be made.