Lifetime Wealth Planning

Our Process

Your first meeting with your financial planner will take place at a time and place you choose – our office or your home or workplace if you prefer. We will guide the discussion to help you describe your priorities and circumstances in detail. The meeting is likely to last around two hours, depending on how much information there is to share. You might already have a clear idea about arrangements you want to make or you might have a completely open mind. Your financial planner will shape the meeting to fit your individual needs.

Asking questions and listening to your responses and thoughts is the key to a successful meeting. Our financial planners are excellent communicators who will focus the discussion and help you provide all the information needed. They will take notes while you are talking, to begin building a clear picture of your circumstances and goals.

Your financial planner will agree next steps with you at the end of the meeting. Depending on your particular requirements, they may follow up with a further meeting or other communication. It’s an entirely personalised approach for you.

Openness and honesty are at the heart of our relationship with every client. From the start, we’ll be clear about what you may need to pay for – from financial planning and advice to investing with us. You will always receive a cost breakdown to review and agree before we go ahead with chargeable work. Our fees represent the quality of our service and the professionalism and dedication of our expert team to your financial wellbeing