Lifetime Wealth Planning

What makes us different?

We do the opposite to most Financial Advisers.

It is fair to say that the majority of Financial Advisers have far too many clients, who they cannot give a good personal service and they hardly ever see. Over time this has given ‘financial advisers’ a bad name.

By recognising this fundamental weakness, we have developed over many years a different and much more successful strategy which is to have a smaller number of clients (around one hundred per adviser) with whom we have an intimate ongoing relationship in which we help them to identify and achieve their real financial goals and objectives.

In return for this comprehensive service, we expect all clients that we take on to be profitable clients so that we can continue to provide a first-class service. In short, we are remunerated for going the extra mile to help clients to achieve the security and financial independence they deserve. Our objective is to ensure that clients achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle without fear of running out of money.

We therefore endeavour to provide our clients with advice and solutions to ensure that they can always enjoy their desired lifestyle and that they never run out of money. This process is called ‘Lifestyle Financial Planning’ which involves three distinct processes, each complementing the other for the overall long term benefit of the client.